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You'll Sleep Like a ‘Pea in a Pod' (Literally) in Proposed Coastal Hotel

Port District will negotiate with developer for construction of low-cost hotel that features “sleeping pods” instead of the usual hotel room beds

A new kind of low-cost lodging that features “sleeping pods” and communal bathrooms for as little as $35 a night could soon be built just a few blocks from San Diego Bay.

Port Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to negotiate with the Stay Open development company for the construction of a 33-room hotel on under-used Port District property across the street from the Lindbergh Field airport.

Most of the rooms in the proposed hotel will be “sleeping pods” -- small, self-contained, separate sleeping areas that resemble high-tech bunk beds.

The capsule-style pods can be completely closed for privacy. Each temperature-controlled pod would have a queen bed, light, mirror, charging station, free Wi-Fi and secure luggage storage.

Stay Open’s proposal was praised by Port Commissioners, one of whom predicted that demand for the pods will be so intense the operator might have to hold a lottery for spaces.

If a deal is reached, the low-cost hotel would include 33 rooms, with a total of 226 pods and beds. Most rooms would have between eight and 12 pods, each costing $35 per night.

Families or groups could reserve all the rooms in a pod, or chose a suite, which would have a private bathroom and mix of twin and queen beds. The nightly rate for a suite would be about $100, the developer said.

The low-cost hotel would also have common areas for guests to mingle, and a roof-top restaurant serving coffee, beer and wine, pizza and other food and snacks.

If the Port and the developer reach an agreement, construction could start in about two years, a Port staffer said.

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