Woman Slain in Home, 63-Year-Old Arrested

A woman has been found dead inside a home in Talmadge and a 63-year-old man is in custody after charging officers, police said.

Investigators were called to the 4400 block of 47th Street sometime before 6 a.m. after receiving reports that someone was screaming and windows were being smashed. 

When police arrived they found the suspect in the carport area near his home.  The windows of the home were all broken.

“He ended up coming out onto the sidewalk and ended up charging towards officers,” lt. Kevin Rooney said.

Officers tried using a beanbag shotgun to stop the 63-year-old man’s advances.  When the beanbag wouldn’t slow the man down, officers stunned him with a Taser gun and took him into custody.

When police checked inside the home they found a slain woman inside.

“We don’t know the relationship between her and the man, we haven’t been inside yet, we’ll have to evaluate whether we need a search warrant to go inside, so it may be a number of hours before we know,” lt. Kevin Rooney said.

The suspect was transported to a hospital.

Samuel Arias is a handyman at the apartment complex. He says he asked the suspect Wednesday night if he was okay and was concerned because the man was talking in a low voice and acting “strange.”

The suspect was "typically a nice guy, but a little rough around the edges," Arias said.

Check back later for updates on this developing story.

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