Whale Left to Fend for Itself

Coast Guard operations concerning the whale are on hold for the moment. They are waiting on a request for assistance from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The wayward whale kept held a low profile over the weekend, disappointing many visitors along the Embarcadero who hoped to catch a glimpse. The juvenile gray whale, however, was spotted around the Coronado Bay Bridge.

The marine mammal has been cruising the waters off the Embarcadero Basin for a week  and has been spotted around Harbor and Shelter Islands.

After people reported seeing a boat hit the marine mammal on Friday, the Coast Guard launched an investigation and contacted the boater in question. Witnesses told the Coast Guard they saw a boat hit the whale in San Diego Bay. The Coast Guard, however, found no evidence the boat made contact with the whale.
Representatives with the National Marine Fisheries Society inspected the whale on Saturday to make sure there were no indications the whale was injured.

Officials were worried that with more boats on the water this weekend, the risk of the whale being struck was greater, but apparently the whale remained safe.

The Coast Guard advised sightseers hoping for a glimpse of the whale not to move closer than 100 yards. Over the weekend, several Coast Guard volunteers were out on the bay reminding boaters to operate at a safe speed and keep their distance.

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