Witness: Stepdad Killing Suspect ‘Raped Me'

Man is accused of committing crime with sister

A jury listened to rebuttal testimony Thursday after earlier hearing from a witness that a man who allegedly shot his stepfather to death was honest and not violent.

Prosecutors allege that Nathaniel Gann,20, killed Timothy MacNeil in July 2007 with the help of his sister, Brae Hansen, who is now 19. Gann, whose first trial ended in a mistrial, is being retried at the same time his sister faces her first trial. MacNeil was tied up and shot to death by Gann during what was a staged robbery, prosecutors believe.

On Thursday, a woman described as Gann's ex-high school girlfriend took the stand, telling jurors that he forced her to have sex. She is now 22 and living in England. She detailed the alleged attack to the jury.

"He's raped me," the weeping woman said. "He knew I didn't want to do that until I was married. It was so dear to me."

She said she yelled and cried during the attack but was physically restrained and unable to break it off. She told the court she was too frightened of Gann to report the alleged rape.

A jury began deliberations on Wednesday afternoon in the Hansen case. Gann is being tried at the same time by a separate jury. That panel is expected to hear closing arguments on Friday.

Jurors returned a verdict in the Hansen case on Thursday, but Judge Frederic Link decided to seal that verdict until the Gann jury concludes its deliberations.

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