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With Toilet Paper in High Demand, Brothers Offer Golden Hill No.2 Option

Three brothers hoped to make people laugh while also making a buck selling toilet paper after hearing it's in short supply

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With coronavirus fears growing across the county, several local stores are quickly selling out of basic necessities like toilet paper.

At the corner of 30th Street and C Street in Golden Hill, a family has set up shop. Cruz, Hudson and Grant, along with their mother Tiffany, have fully decorated and branded a small stand selling toilet paper for $2 a roll.

“Hello, would you like a roll of toilet paper because of the coronavirus because you might need to stock up?” Cruz asks when potential customers approach.

Even though Cruz, Hudson and Grant have the day off from school, Tiffany is teaching them the basics of supply and demand.

“Finding what the need is and trying to meet that need,” explained Tiffany.

People worry the coronavirus outbreak could get serious enough to keep them at home. In their sales pitch, the boys referenced a viral video of two women in another country fighting in a grocery store over toilet paper rolls. They told NBC 7 at least 30 people stopped to see what they were selling and some were willing fork over the $2, or even more.

“We’re willing to negotiate. That was really just the number two [$2], just seemed fitting,” said Tiffany. “But if someone really needs our toilet paper, you can have our toilet paper.”

At close of business, the brothers had about $60 in their pockets from about 60 rolls sold.

This family hopes their customers get more than just the squares.

“Make people less scared and how to help. I just want them to know we are trying to help them,” said Hudson.

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