Winds Howl In East County

San Diego Under Fire Watch

A construction sign on Valley Center Road said it all: "Extreme Fire Hazard."

The wind was howling through Valley Center Monday morning.  Flags snapped in the wind, leaves and other debris were blowing across roads. The Santa Ana's have definitely arrived in San Diego making conditions ripe for fire.

Throughout the area, there is dry vegetation through open fields, canyons and hillsides. It's not going to take much for the tinder dry landscape to ignite.

Over at Valley Center Fire Station 72, they're on standby with extra personnel and extra resources -- hoping for the best, but ready for anything.

Meanwhile, they've had a very aggressive weed abate program in Valley Center.  And even Monday, the fire marshal was going door-to -door inspecting homes with potential problems.

He said about 80-to 85-percent of residents have voluntarily complied with cutting brush back from structures.  And while officials certainly recommend cutting back the hazardous vegetation, but a red alert day is not the day to do it.

Cal Fire is also reminding residents to be prepared. That includes having an evacuation plan and gathering personal items.  The red flag warning is in effect through Tuesday.

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