Why Californians Should Care About Steve Jobs’ Health

What Apple adds to CA's economy is more than you might expect

Bloomberg via Getty Images

It doesn’t matter if you are a Mac or a PC – if you are a Californian you should care about the health of Apple to its core. And the core in many minds is Steve Jobs.

“There is no single company in California that’s more important to the California economy than Apple,” said Joe Mathews, the lead blogger for Prop Zero.

To put that into perspective, think about this.

The agricultural industry in California, which is the largest of all the states, makes up about 2 percent of the Golden State’s gross domestic product.
“Apple, by itself is 4 percent of that so it’s twice the size. Apple is twice the size of all the apples and oranges and the things we grow and that’s a very big deal,” said Mathews.

In previous years, when Jobs has stepped away from the Apple reigns for health reasons, the tech world worried that the company would lose its way.
“It’s really an iconic company of what California has been known for… for the last couple of generations,” said Mathews.
But what drives consumers to the store? It's not Steve Jobs. It’s the products. And as long as Apple keeps innovating, people are going to keep coming back for more.
“If there is one person in California whose health you might pray for… if you are worried about the California economy, it’s Jobs,” said Mathews.

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