Who Is The Real Mike McCoy?

Chargers reveal insights about their head coach

At the Super Bowl in Arizona, I ran in to several media members from other cities that have NFL franchises. Interestingly, almost all of them asked a question that took me by surprise:

What is Mike McCoy really like?

I had to think about it for a minute, and after careful consideration, the best answer I could come up with is ... I'm not entirely sure.

Whenever I've seen Mike off the field, like I did last weekend in Arizona, he's engaging, he's charismatic, he really seems like he's getting to know you. But when it's a press conference situation, or a practice or game day, we see the man who's hesitant to reveal any information, no matter how seemingly insignificant. There are times he's downright combative with the media.

When you have someone showing two extremes, the truth has to lie somewhere in middle. So I went right to the source to figure out which it is, asking a few members of the team to give me the scoop and let us know ...

Who is the real Mike McCoy?

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