What to Know Before you Ship Your Next Package

NBC 7 Responds offers shipping advice, based off of cases we've resolved for consumers who ran into trouble.

It’s a question most have faced: should you pay extra for insurance when shipping a package? 

For two NBC 7 Responds viewers, Tony Gonzalez and Matt Henken, they thought the question was a no-brainer and paid extra for the insurance when shipping items they sold online. 

Unfortunately, the packages never arrived at their destinations leaving Tony and Matt to turn to USPS to honor the insurance agreement. Both Tony and Matt’s insurance claims were denied at first and it came down to one thing: “Proof of Value”. 

"Proof of Value" is a common requirement shipping companies have and something you should have before you send your package. If the package includes a check or cash, the value is simple to establish, but if you’re shipping an item, make sure to have the item’s "proof of value" before you mail it off. 

"Proof of Value" can include the receipt for an item or a statement showing how much you or someone else paid for the item. 

Both Tony and Matt had sent USPS their “proof of value” for the items they were shipping and after NBC 7 Responds contacted USPS, the company determined they had provided sufficient evidence and honored their insurance claims. 

To learn more about USPS’ shipping policies and what they recommend you do before sending a package, click here 

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