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WEST Convention in San Diego Showcases How AI Technology Can Detect and Prevent War and Conflict: Industry Experts

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San Diego is hosting the annual WEST convention, a Naval conference and exposition at the convention center downtown. Co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, WEST provides a space for makers of platforms and the designers of technologies to network, discuss and showcase their solutions in one place.

NBC 7 went to check out the latest artificial technology currently used by and available to the military.

Daniel Martinez with Sparkcognition Government Systems explained to NBC 7 how the company uses artificial intelligence to strengthen military combat systems and the soldiers involved.

“Ships, aircraft, and ground vehicles, satellites. You name it. And so we can deploy artificial intelligence to any of these domains. To help those systems become more reliable so you can predict failures in that system and make sure that if you're a commander and you have a mission.”” said Martinez.

Red Hat was also at the convention. The operating system enables companies like Lockheed Martin, for example, to create AI-based apps controlling drones used by the military.

“Leveraging technology, they are able to quickly change that mission set for that drone in real time, ” said Rodrique Heron, a manager solution architect for Red Hat.

AI can help facilitate and streamline maintenance needs, and manage the availability of U.S. fighter squadrons around the globe so they can be used when needed.

“How available is that aircraft? When is it available? Can we get supply on time to the aircraft side so that the next mission goes on time,” said Martinez.

Martinez also explained how AI technology can detect or predict possible war scenarios, given enough data.

“Or even prevent one by being ready. Right? Presenting a credible threat ahead of the conflict is a major element of trusted AI applications that help the warfighter achieve their mission,” said Martinez. “It’s not just AI and it’s not just the people. It’s the combination of the two where the real power lies."

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