Welcome to Winter, San Diego! What to Expect During the First Week

Dec. 21 marks the start of the winter solstice and since it will also be the shortest day of the year, you can expect days to gradually get longer

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Monday marks the first day of the winter solstice and as we all know, the majority of San Diego County will be spared from snow shoveling, freezing temperatures and icy conditions. Instead, you can kick back and expect the sun’s welcomed rays to keep you relatively warm, so you’ll still need your sunglasses this season.

During the first week of winter, you can expect an overall sunny start that will give way to cloudy conditions in the middle of the week, according to NBC 7 meteorologist Sheena Parveen.

“Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going to start to see some more cloud cover,” Parveen explained. “A very weak system moving could bring some sprinkles Thursday.”

The first day of winter is unseasonably warm, with temperatures at 81 degrees in Escondido, 74 in Julian, 76 in San Diego and 73 in Oceanside. On Tuesday, however, temps will be about 10 degrees cooler.

You can dream all you want for a white Christmas, but San Diego County will enjoy sunny and dry conditions on Dec. 25.

For those who have dreaded the early end to our days, here’s some good news for you – Monday marks the shortest day of the year so moving forward, days will gradually get longer. As the days progress, sunsets will slowly occur later to give us longer days.

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