Weekend Rain Could Dampen Outdoor Dining

San Diego could get upwards of 2 inches of rain

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“I’m enjoying the beach and this weather before it rains.”

That is a sentence rarely uttered by San Diegans. However, that’s why Erika Shadman took her son Zagros to Imperial Beach Friday.

“As San Diegans, we’re scared of the rain,” Shadman said while her 2-year-old ran away from waves rushing up the beach.

San Diego is expected to receive upwards of two inches of rain through Sunday. Rain is one thing. The polluted runoff will likely close several beaches well after the clouds move on.

The rain could also dampen the mood at hundreds of restaurants that are leaning on outdoor dining during the pandemic.

“I think it’s going to affect them,” said Shadman. “It’s going to affect them a lot.”

“Almost complete: Just doing all the finishing touches,” smiled Ryan Peek as he stood inside Mike Hess Brewing’s outdoor restaurant in Imperial Beach.

The open-air concept has worked really well during the pandemic.

“It’s perfect for outdoor dining,” agreed Peek, the Operations Manager for the brewery.

However, the rare rain could deter some customers.

“We do have the overhangs, the sail cloths, and we have the overhang second level,” Peek said.

He also thinks San Diegans may need a beer or two, rain or shine, after the week the country has endured.

“I still think it’s going to be hopping,” he smiled.

It’s a problem San Diegans rarely consider. They’re not used to making plans around rain.

“I don’t remember the last time it rained,” said Shadman.

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