Volunteers Gift Meals To Labor Workers On Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving morning volunteers with Gente Unida and United We Stand donated meals to labor workers across San Diego County

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This Thanksgiving many families are spending time at home, but for some they are also volunteering in our communities. Groups of volunteers spent their Thanksgiving morning donating meals to labor workers in San Diego.

"It's beautiful weather, but we also have to remember some of these people don’t have a home," said Enrique Morones, president of Gente Unida.

For its 35th year Gente Unida was handing out food for day laborers like Julio Cesar, they were joined by other non profits including United We Stand.

"I've seen Enrique Morones bringing hope to our community to our people," said Julio Cesar, who was donated a meal. "It's meaningful because we’re here not only to work but to support our families and survive in this society."

Construction workers from Mexico, Central America and Haiti were given sandwiches, water and hot chocolate.

"We've been going to some of these businesses and bringing food and water and a little love to these people and saying thank you for being essential workers," said Morones.

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