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Video Appears to Show High School Student Smoking From Homemade Bong

A local high school student was caught on camera smoking from, what appeared to be, a homemade bong made from a Gatorade bottle.

The incident happened at Eastlake High School in the Filipino Language Class during fourth period, on April 14.

Cell phone video of the incident quickly spread on social media.

“I was really surprised because I’ve never seen anyone carry drugs at school,” said sophomore Jewelia Valdez. “I can’t believe it.”

According to a representative with the Sweetwater Union High School District, the student caught smoking in class was disciplined, although no specific details were given.

The school sent a message to parents of students in the class, informing them of new procedures, emphasizing safety of students is important, and trying to reassure parents.

“For those students to be able to do that in a classroom is unheard of,” said parent Ruel Arroyo.

The district has not been able to confirm what substance the student was smoking.

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