‘Used Car Lot' Street Shut Down

The street known as Rancho Bernardo's unofficial "mile of cars" is now off limits to people looking to sell.

Residents joined San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio Monday to mark the start of a new law that prohibits the parking of "for-sale cars" along Rancho Bernardo Road near Acena Drive.

They say they’ve worked for 3 years to get the law passed and to get the new signs installed.

Councilman DeMaio called the row of cars a blight in the community bur residents say it’s about more than the annoyance.

"You come through here during the day or even at night and people are looking at these cars and they're standing in the middle of the road and when you come down there at night if you aren't paying fully attention it could be a safety issue,"said Bill Remstrom.

Residents who live along Rancho Bernardo Road say they've seen a few accidents as a result of people looking at the cars for sale and the new law will allow them to park there again.

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