University of San Diego Student Beaten in Mission Beach: SDPD

Entire incident was caught on tape

Police want your help finding the people who severely beat up a University of San Diego (USD) student and injured another during a fight in Mission Beach over the weekend.

The entire incident was caught on tape.

Residents rushed to help and are now asking why more isn't being done about the alcohol-fueled violence among students and visitors.

Friends and a roommates verify that it was USD Junior, Corbin Kirk, who was beaten unconscious last Saturday night in the alley on Strandway at Asbury Court.

Those who came to his rescue say it was the tempest mixture of student tenants and weekend visitors that comes to a boil all too often.

The video is graphic. It illustrates what residents' heard as they were startled awake at 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

It started with stomping feet beating a path down Strandway.

“There was some exchange of words or altercation," resident Marty Zimmerman said.

One witness said there were screams that could make your hair stand up on the back of your neck.

“Just painful screams and people yelling stop you're going to kill him,” witness Misha Osinovskiy 

Then a sickening bloody aftermath.

“He was talking very nonsensically and just making noise and gurgling sounds. It was horrible, “ Zimmerman said.

Just another alcohol and drug-fueled good time gone bad that some residents say, plagues mission beach weekends.

“The violence is very disturbing. In particular, this situation. It is just one example of the general problem that exists in this area," Osinovskiy said. 

Police did not identify who or how many were involved but told NBC 7 that several people were fighting in the 26-hundred block of Strandway.

According to the video, USD Junior Corbin Kirk was knocked to the ground, beaten and kicked. His head was stomped on the concrete and the blow caused massive bleeding.

Fellow students are aghast at the savagery. 

“I think all of us were really shocked, we didn't really know what to do,” USD student Taylor Morway said. 

Another unidentified student was kicked and hit but suffered no serious injuries. The whole incident lasted less than a minute.

In a statement released Tuesday, University of San Diego administrators said they have contacted the students involved in the incident.

"We are committed to working with students on being responsible citizens wherever they live," Pamela Gray Payton, MSEL, Asst. Vice President, Media Communications said in a written statement.

She said the university "will follow up accordingly" after the SDPD investigation is complete.

“You get these kids that don't understand alcohol, don't understand the neighborhood, don't understand there are other people in the world and they just go nuts,” Zimmerman said.

The crime and violence in the Mission Beach community is well documented over many years.

Residents are hoping to change that by bringing such problems to the public's eye. 

Police made no arrests in connection with this fight.

Witnesses say besides the USD students, others involved were from out of town and had been renting a house nearby for the weekend but have already returned home. 

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