UC San Diego

UC San Diego Construction Project Plans for 21-Story Dorm

The dormitory could be among one of the tallest on the West Coast

An image of UCSD's Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood.
University of California, San Diego

One of the tallest dormitories on the West Coast could be built in San Diego as the University of California, San Diego shared its plan to build a massive 21-story building that would house students and offer classroom space.

The university’s ambitious plan comes as part of its Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood construction project, which includes five buildings that would house 2,000 undergraduate students and several classrooms. The roughly 900,000-square-foot complex would also include restaurant and retail space as well as a nearly 500-seat auditorium, according to the university’s plan and design website.

With enrollment increasing at UC San Diego, the university listed campus housing as one of its top priorities. Since 2012, there has been a 34% spike in undergraduate enrollment and a 41% increase in graduate enrollment, the university’s news center said.

Construction was slated to begin later this fall with an approximate end date of Fall 2023. However, with the coronavirus pandemic still affecting several industries, it is unclear if those dates still stand.

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