Uber Driver Gets Hit By Stray Bullet in University Heights

A San Diego Uber driver was about to pick up a rider in University Heights Friday when her car was hit by an apparent random gunshot.

The driver heard a noise and knew something hit her car while she was traveling near Louisiana Street.

It turns out, according to San Diego Police, it was a stray bullet that came inches from hitting her.

“It's scary because I don't know why somebody would do that, just shoot a random car, and just hurt someone,” the driver, Yesenia Del Moral said.

There is a hole in the rear passenger door of her car from a stray bullet that missed her by inches.

The 27-year old has been an Uber driver for several years and said she was picking up a rider just after 7 a.m. when she heard something hit her car around Polk Avenue and Mississippi Street in University Heights.

“Did somebody throw something really hard at me? I looked around to see if there was anybody around me, and there was nobody around me, there were no cars around me,” Del Moral said.

She then continued driving a few blocks to pick up her rider when they made the stunning discovery.

“She looked at it, she's like 'oh my god, that does look like a gunshot,’ She said, ‘I did hear it, I heard it all the way, and that was two blocks away,’” Del Moral said.

SDPD don't believe she was targeted but confirm the hole was from a bullet which Del Moral said is still inside the passenger door.

But police also say there may have been a second bullet that went underneath her car and flattened the right front tire.

Del Moral said the incident has given her a scare, but she'll continue to drive.

“I could have died today. Yeah, it's scary,” Del Moral said.

Police are also investigating a report of another random shooting on Adams Avenue and whether the two incidents are related.

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