Two New Restaurants Open at Lindbergh Field

Travelers flying home over the holidays will be able to enjoy two new restaurants opening up in San Diego International Airport.

Terminal 1 will see a new Jack in the Box and Pacifica Breeze Café join 13 existing restaurants at the gateway as a part of San Diego County Regional Airport Authority’s comprehensive Concessions Development Program.

Both dining options will open at pre-security locations, joining several other restaurants available for travelers with a case of the munchies.

A celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony were held Wednesday with airport staff, officials and media.

The airport has been undergoing a series of upgrades to their facilities in recent years, which has included adding its first-ever meditation room post-security in Terminal 2.

Many of the expansions in the past several years have been part of The Green Build, a $1 billion project set to expand Terminal 2 with 10 new gates, a duel-level roadway and additional parking and security lanes. The improvements include more concession stands and dining options.

The airport was also the first to become the first airport in the nation to have a formal sustainability policy where tons of food is recycled each month, including a quarter of coffee grounds.

Lindbergh Field was recently ranked one of the least-frustrating airports in the nation.

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