Trevor Hoffman Way Officially Unveiled

Streets named for Hoffy and Tony Gwynn form a corner outside Petco Park

Standing in front of the street sign that now bears his name Trevor Hoffman summed up 2018 with the efficiency in which he pitched a 9th inning:

"It's tough to come up with a better summer than Trevor Hoffman had this year."

This is accurate.

Over the last several months Hoffman was inducted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, had a statue and a plaque of him installed at Petco Park, was the subject of more celebrations and bobbleheads than you can shake a stick at, and finally Hoffy became a street.

Trevor Hoffman Way now forms a corner with Tony Gwynn Drive outside the home plate gate at Petco Park. The fact that Hoffy gets to be linked once again with his late, great teammate makes this honor just a little more special.

"To have the opportunity to once again be in connection with the great Tony Gwynn, on a Chamber of Commerce day, I don't think I can elaborate much more on the fact that I am honored to be, again, a part of Tony's legacy and commitment to the San Diego Padres."

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