Storage Center for Homeless Set to Close

A transitional storage center in the East Village that allows the homeless to store their belongings is set to close on Jan. 10.

Organizers say unless they receive enough funding or find a permanent location, tens of thousands of pounds of belongings may end up on the streets of downtown San Diego.

Currently, Girls Think Thank’s Transitional Store Center operates out of the a parking lot on 16th Street and Commercial Street. Many of the people who store their belongings there use it as an opportunity to find housing or work.

Danny McCray used to be homeless. Now, he runs the operation. McCray says the center is much more than just a storage center.

“That same person that walks in the storage center with his bags and all his warm stuff comes out with his suit and tie. Like, it's amazing. It's a big transition. When they walk down the street, you don't even know they're homeless anymore,” McCray said.

Heather Pollock, the Executive Director of Girls Think Tanks, says they’ve been looking for other options, but have not been successful.

“It's 4,300 square feet which seems...that's so feasible. There's easily that much space, but we've hit a lot of road blocks,” Pollock said.

If you’d like to donate or have a location suggestion, click here.

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