San Diego

Tony Gwynn Memorial Statue In Transit to San Diego

A highly-anticipated birthday present for Mr. Padre has been wrapped, stuck with a bow and sent on its way from Texas to the San Diego icon’s hometown.

The City of Poway announced Friday that the 11-foot bronze statue dedicated to Tony Gwynn is in transit and will be erected at Lake Poway Park on Tuesday May 9, Gwynn’s birthday.

Gwynn’s likeness-- uniform on, waving his cap with his daughter, Anisha, on his hip-- will forever stand overlooking the baseball field at the park surrounded by donor wall recognizing those who helped the gift become a reality.

Seth Vandable, the statue designer, is traveling along with it and will oversee its installation at the park. Vandable said the most remarkable part of the design process was the amount of attention paid to the details.

Poway broke ground on the statue site last July. Gwynn’s wife Alicia spoke at the ceremony and thanked Poway for always allowing Tony to be “one of the neighbors.”


The city released this footage of construction and site preparation on Friday


Gwynn’s statue will be unveiled on Tuesday at Lake Poway Park at 9:30 a.m.

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