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Thief Steals $50K Worth of High-End Film and Photography Equipment

The store owner said items in his inventory can be found on set of the most elaborate productions – think HBO’s “Game of Thrones”

A burglar was caught on camera stealing $50,000 worth of high-end camera and audio equipment from a store in Kearny Mesa.

Bill Lanzarotta’s Voice and Video Rentals on Ruffner Street supplies everything you’d need to produce high-caliber video content. Items in his inventory can be found on set of the most elaborate productions – think HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

A camera focused on the front door of Lanzarotta’s store shows the gloved, hooded, and possibly-masked thief smash a front window and unlock the door from the inside. Another camera positioned above a work station in what Lanzarotta calls the “expensive room” shows the man scrambling to fill two large bags with cameras, lights and wireless microphones.

The expensive room is where Voice and Audio staff showcase the store’s high-end sale and rental items.

“He's got dracast lights, here he took switchers, he has some batteries,” Lanzarotta said, narrating the security footage.

"Essentially, if you are trying to do a live broadcast or a live stream, he has all the equipment to make that happen,” he said.

Lanzarotta says he installed his security system just four days before the burglar hit his store.

He posted his security video on social media Thursday and already has had several members of the local filmmaker community have repost it. "I feel violated. Yeah, violated is a good word. I feel definitely violated,” Lanzarotta said.

Lanzarotta says the burglar will have a hard time selling such high-end gear because the community of filmmakers is a small one in San Diego, and many in it have offered to keep an eye out for his equipment on the market.

Investigators say break-in sounded the alarm, and the suspect spent about 15 minutes in the store before police arrived.

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