Chula Vista Church Hosts Food Bank for Federal Workers Impacted by Government Shutdown

A Chula Vista church is stepping up to help federal workers who are not getting paid during the government shutdown by having a special food bank just for them.

A long line of women, men and children received boxes and bags of hope Wednesday afternoon at The Promise Church on Corte Maria Avenue.

"It's very stressful not knowing, not having a paycheck is bad enough, but not knowing if there's any light at the end of the tunnel,” Ronald Gerber, who was in the line, told NBC 7.

For 14 years, Gerber has worked as a Transportation Security Administration agent at the San Diego International Airport.

"It's very humbling coming to ask for food,” Gerber said. “It's stressful because there's the food, but how about the housing, how about the gas, and things like that."

As Gerber and other federal workers struggle to pay the bills, The Promise Church decided to help them out.

"I feel honored as a citizen. I feel honored that we can give back to them just like they have our backs, we have their backs," said Anna Alas with the Chula Vista church.

The church is giving out bread, fruit, meat and gas cards. All items that are essential to help families who don’t know when they'll be paid again.

"At some point, each one of us is going to have to decide whether or not to continue working or move to a job that will give us money," said Gerber.

The church will open up the food pantry for federal workers again next Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Alas told NBC7 they will help federal workers until the shutdown is over.

Those who would like to donate to The Promise Church to help with its food bank for federal works can send the church a Facebook message.

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