San Diego International Airport

‘The Future': Opening Your Eyes Could Get You Through Security at San Diego Airport Faster

San Diego International Airport introduces CLEAR kiosks in Terminal 2.

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Getting through security faster at San Diego International Airport just got as easy as opening your eyes.

Several new CLEAR kiosks were put in service inside Terminal 2 Tuesday. CLEAR scans a registered user’s eyes to identify the passenger’s boarding pass and identification. Then the user heads directly to the baggage security check, skipping the longer line.

“And the digging through the wallet,” laughed CLEAR Senior Director Arica Gately.

CLEAR users pay a monthly fee to have their accounts and passes assigned to their unique eyes. When they enter security, users go to their designated line and look into a scanner in the CLEAR kiosk. Once the scan is complete, a CLEAR Ambassador will personally escort them directly to the baggage security check ahead of the other lines. It could save precious time at peek hours and also avoids contact with a TSA agent.

“Being able to verify your identity with just your eyes is a solution that a lot of folks are enjoying in a post-COVID world,” said Gately.

“The future,” declared one passenger. “I love it. I use it in other airports, and it makes the whole experience so much easier.”

Gately said CLEAR is already available in more than 40 airports in the United States. San Diego is just the latest.

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