The Fate of Footy McFooty Face

If San Diego gets an MLS team it will have a different name

If San Diego is rewarded with a Major League Soccer expansion team, I have bad news for you.

It will not, in fact, be called "Footy McFooty Face."

You may recall the folks at SoccerCity SD allowed the public to vote on possible names for the club if MLS awards America’s Finest City with a franchise and Footy McFooty Face was the runaway winner with about 6,000 more votes than the San Diego Surf (which already exists).

But in a social media video posted Saturday the good folks with SoccerCity SD said they found out a lot of those votes were coming from Los Angeles soccer fans trying to troll San Diego soccer fans.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun with the development. So SoccerCity SD developed an actual Footy McFooty Face logo.


They even went so far as to put together what is really a slick-looking, well-produced piece starring Landon Donovan and Nick Stone from FS Investors breaking the news that there is no chance we will have a franchise called San Diego Footy McFooty Face.



For any of you who had warmed to the idea, that official logo (which is better than anything the Chargers will ever be able to come up with) is available for public consumption.

You can buy t-shirts at, with 100-percent of proceeds going to one of three charities: USA Women’s National Deaf Soccer Team, The First Goal (serving underprivileged kids), or Yalla SD (a college preparatory program).

Points to the SoccerCity SD crew for seeing another marketing opportunity and doing something fun and beneficial with it.

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