San Diego

Busy Day for Thanksgiving Travel at San Diego International Airport

 An estimated 60,000 people will travel through San Diego International Airport Wednesday as they start or end their journey to visit family and friends, with many more expected this holiday weekend.

Despite the Worldwide Travel Alert issued by the U.S. State Department this week, travelers will not see too many changes when boarding their flights.

“TSA has not directed us to change any of our security measures. However, due to recent international and national events passengers may see an increase in San Diego Harbor Police simply out of an abundance of caution," said Rebecca Bloomfield, spokeswoman for San Diego International Airport.

Bloomfield said travelers heading to the airport should try to arrive at least an hour and a half before their flight, and two and a half hours before for international flights.

Despite a few longer lines Wednesday, travelers coming and going from the airport said they woke up early to start their journey..

"We woke up super early, 3 in the morning, just to catch a flight to fly here to San Diego," said Patty Maciel, who was arriving in San Diego.

Lines at Lindbergh Field early Wednesday were kept under control, even as thousands of people rushed through to board their planes.

Regardless of the hassle, travelers said the end result of seeing their family made it all worth it.

"We’re going to see our families and that’s what keeps us going; it doesn’t matter if you wake up at three in the morning or you’re, you know, delayed, or standing here in the airport, it doesn’t matter because the outcome is awesome," Maciel said.

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