Suspected Bridal Bandit Accused of Targeting Weddings

A woman is targeting brides and their wedding parties, sneaking into bridal rooms and stealing wallets during wedding ceremonies, according to San Diego County Sheriff’s investigators.

Denise Burns was captured by several surveillance cameras in San Diego stores using stolen credit cards belonging to brides and bridesmaids just hours, and in some cases minutes, after they disappeared. Now, investigators are seeking a warrant for her arrest.

Michelle Tietz was one of the first victims to ask for help after her wallet vanished during her Temecula wedding this summer.

“I walked out of the bridal suite about 6:08 pm and the first charge was 6:32. I just felt like I was being stalked,” said Tietz.

Tietz, who posted surveillance pictures of the suspect online, found another victim, Yvette Lynch, through Facebook when they compared photographs and determined it was the same person.

Lynch, the catering director at Santee’s Carlton Oaks Golf Course, had her wallet stolen from her purse in her office during a wedding.

She turned to the golf course’s security cameras and found a likely suspect.

“I think initially the target for this event was the wedding, but we keep the bridal quarters secure,” said Lynch. “She was caught on every employee area on the property and couldn’t access the bride. I had just stepped out of my office when she found the open door."

If Burns is found and arrested, it wouldn’t be the first time she is accused of hitting up unsuspecting victims. The lead detective on the case confirms Burns was charged back in 2012 with sneaking into teachers’ classrooms in Temecula and stealing their wallets when they were out of class.

Tietz is aware of at least five cases tied to the bridal bandit series and looks forward to getting justice.

“She’s literally going out to wedding places and sitting there waiting for brides to leave. First of all, how low is that? Secondly, how can we not catch this woman at this point?” said Tietz.

Burns’ facebook page lists her home in Corona, California, but investigators say she travels around quite a bit.

Anyone with information about the suspect or anyone who thinks they were victimized is asked to call the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

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