Storms to Spend Holidays in San Diego

Two storms bearing down on SoCal could make holiday travel tough going


The change of seasons, which takes place Monday morning, should bring a noticeable change in our weather as well -- cooler temperatures, more clouds and a decent chance of rain.

Two storms are approaching Southern California. The first should hit early Tuesday producing showers, high winds and temperatures only in the 50s.  Gusting winds in the mountains could also be in the 50s, so caution will be needed traveling in or through the higher elevations of east county.  

This storm, if it does hit at all, is not expected to bring us much rain but it will be cold and blustery.

A second, more powerful storm could arrive as early as Saturday.  While it's too far out to have 100 percent confidence in the computer's prediction, if the storm does move this far south it could bring us significant rainfall and mountain snow.  

We'll know more by mid-week.

On Christmas Day you can expect things to be dry, with highs in the 60s under partly cloudy skies.

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