San Diego

Stadium Scramble: San Diego Earns Another Meeting With NFL

new chargers stadium rendering 2

 The City and County of San Diego will have another chance to pitch their stadium idea directly to the NFL. 

On November 11 in New York, The Los Angeles, Stadium and Finance Committees will hear presentations from San Diego, St. Louis and Oakland.

This is the first time Oakland will be addressing the league directly with a stadium idea. The city was not asked to make a presentation at an owners meeting in August because it had not made enough progress on a stadium plan.

San Diego and St. Louis have already discussed their proposed stadium projects with the NFL. There will be no votes or other decisions finalized at the committee meeting.

This is likely a good sign for all three communities hoping to keep their NFL franchise. This decision comes on the heels of public hearings held a week ago in all three cities so it appears each community presented itself well enough for the league to want to hear more.

The plan the San Diego reps will be presenting is for the Mayor's Mission Valley site, not the recently proposed Downtown site.

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