Spring Weather? Not This Weekend

Wet, wild weather expected for first Sunday of spring

Is it Mother Nature or Murphy's Law that brought us summer-like weather for the final days of winter but will bring us cold, "winter-like" weather for spring's first weekend?  What or "whoever" is responsible, you need to be ready because conditions will change furiously fast over the next two days.

On Saturday, we'll start off much like today: clouds and fog in the morning, then partly cloudy conditions early afternoon.  By late afternoon the winds should pick up and the clouds increase as this big storm moves down the state and gets closer to San Diego County.

No rain is expected before midnight Saturday so all your outdoor activities should be fine.  It will be breezy and cool but at least it will be dry.  Sunday, however, will be quite a bit different, as it starts off with showers or even some steady rain.  The storm will move through fairly quickly and we should see clearing skies by Sunday afternoon.  Somewhere between a quarter and three-quarters of an inch is expected.

Along with the rain it will be quite cold Sunday with highs only in the 50s to about 60-62.  It will feel even colder with the dampness and the winds.  We're expecting gusty conditions everywhere but especially in the mountains where blizzard conditions are possible, at least for a short time during the day Sunday.  We're not expecting a lot of snow, probably no more than an inch or two but the winds and ice will make mountain travel quite hazardous.  Mountain gusts could exceed 60 mph.

By Monday things will clear up and start to warm up and it's looking very nice for the first week of spring.

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