Site Paints Worst-Case SoCal Quake Scenario

State Leaders Hope 'Great American Shakeout' Will Raise Awareness

The potential disaster that experts agree will cause the most devastation, kill the most people, is the Big One, the earthquake that those same experts say is lurking somewhere in our future

The U.S. Geological Survey, the California Office of Emergency Services and the state Seismic Safety Commission have organized an event to get the attention of Southern Californians about their prediction of potential disaster.  It's called The Great American Shakeout and it's scheduled for Nov. 13.  It includes the biggest, most inclusive earthquake drill ever staged. 

It also includes a remarkable and frightening animation, which shows where they believe the Big One will strike, as well as how far and how fast it will spread.

While know one can yet predict when this "shaker of shakers" will hit those experts say they're convinced they know where it will strike and, they pretty sure they know how bad it will be, how widespread the devastation will stretch. 

Two other natural events face Southern Californians at any given time: Santa Ana winds and El Nino.  Any of these can produce devastating results, the most recent reminder of that is last October's wildfires.  It's a situation weather forecasters are hoping doesn't repeat when the next wind event arrives this Sunday or Monday. 

When the Santa Ana winds start blowing, NBC 7/39 weather anchor Whitney Southwick said temperatures will go back up, making for hot, dry and windy conditions.  And the danger of fast spreading wildfires will be extremely high.

As for El Nino's, while their powerful storms can cause widespread flooding, strong winds and coastal erosion, the arrival of one could also do much to relieve the current drought conditions.

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