Crews Cleaning Up Vegetation Fire in Chula Vista

Crews are working to clean up a section of brush in Chula Vista after an early morning vegetation fire in the area. 

The small vegetation fire broke out at approximately 6:03 a.m. near the northbound Interstate 5 north of F Street between E Street, near the trolley tracks in the area. A sig alert had been previously issued for the area shortly after 6:15 a.m. and was later canceled. 

Officials said at least the 4th lane has been blocked from H street to E street. There was backup in the area while crews worked to put the fire out. Smoke could be seen from a distance away. 

The fire burned about half an acre of land right off the interstate. 

Transients lived in the area but were not there when firefighters arrived. 

A helicopter flew over the area but did not drop any water on the area. 

Fire officials said they did not know the exact cause of the fire. 

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