Second Flu-Related Death of Season Reported

A 95-year-old San Diego County man has died from complications from the flu, the second such flu-related death in the county this season, health officials said.

The man with underlying health conditions died Dec. 7.

The two flu deaths, including one of a 90-year-old man in October, are up from no flu-related deaths at this time last year in San Diego County.

Still, 97 people died from the flu last season, as the most serious flu months are January and February, health officials said.

County health officials recommend getting your flu shot now if you haven’t, as it takes two weeks for immunity to develop.

Thirty-six cases of the flu were reported in the county last week and there have been a total of 180 this season.

The flu vaccine this year will offer protection against H1N1 as well as influenza A H3N2 and influenza B strains.The vaccine is recommended for everyone older than six months.

Other ways to avoid getting sick are washing your hands often, using hand sanitizers, avoiding touching your face, cleaning surfaces and staying away from sick people, the Health and Human Services Agency says.

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