SeaWorld Halts Sea Lion Show to Help With Rescues

SeaWorld is halting its "Sea Lions LIVE" sea lion and otter show for at least two weeks starting Saturday, in order to help with the rescue of sea lion pups stranded along the coast, the park announced Friday.

SeaWorld hopes this will provide six additional animal specialists to help with the rescue and rehabilitation of the sea lion pups.

"These experts will also provide the added benefit of tremendous experience working with sea lions," SeaWorld said in a statement.

SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 400 sea lions so far this year. That number is more than twice the number of marine mammal rescues the park averages in a typical year, the park said.

SeaWorld also announced it's in the process of constructing two temporary pool for the rescued sea lions.

Several pups rescued this year have been found in poor condition, with some weighing around 20 pounds. Typically, sea lion pups weigh 50 to 60 pounds.

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