San Diego Seals Inaugural Season Put on Hold

National Lacrosse League games are being canceled due to labor dispute

The San Diego Seals were supposed to play the first game in franchise history on December 8. That's not going to happen.

The National Lacrosse League is cancelling the first two weeks of its 2018-19 season because of a labor dispute with the players union. The Seals are contacting ticket holders to talk about how to handle the lost games.

“It’s disappointing, first and foremost, for our season ticket members, fans, corporate sponsors and community partners who have been eagerly awaiting Opening Night for more than a year,” said Seals president Steve Govett in a statement. “The last proposal presented to the players was a fair offer for both sides. It is imperative to responsibly provide a sustainable business model to ensure the long-term viability of the Seals and the other teams across North America.”

The NLL sent a proposal to the players association over the weekend but it was rejected. The players want to make sure they're getting paid fairly.

"The hangup is over what we call ATR, which is Average Team Revenue, and the transparency that goes along with it that would require the franchises to provide, confidentially, information that we could assemble total revenue that's generated off the players' backs, essentially," said Professional Lacrosse Players Association President Peter Schmitz. "We're available for discussion. We've made that clear."

If the dispute is resolved quickly the Seals first home game will be played on January 12th at Valley View Casino Center.

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