Sea of 49er's Red Invades the Los Angeles Coliseum

No home game for the Rams as enthusiastic 49er fans take over the Rams Coliseum

The 49ers have arrived. Literally. First the 49er fans filled the stadium. Then the team filled the Rams end-zones with scores. They took down their division rival Los Angeles Rams 20-7 in LA to move to 5-0 on the season and extend their lead over the defending division champs.

David Stewart
Rams attempt to remind 49er fans that the Coliseum is "their" House.

There are no more questions about it. The 49ers, as of Week 6, are the team to beat in the NFC West. They went into the LA Coliseum and dominated essentially the entire game. The Rams scored on the first series of the game, then didn’t get anything going the rest of the contest. San Francisco’s defense was dominant, and they cobbled together enough offense to pull out the victory. That’s the biggest win of the Kyle Shanahan era, and Robert Saleh’s best game as a defensive coordinator.

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