San Diego

Practice Tryouts to be Held for Lifeguard Recruits

The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) lifeguards division is hosting a practice tryout Saturday for individuals interested in joining the team.

Practice tryouts are located at 1000 West Mission Bay Drive near Bahia Belle Cruises and start 8 a.m. Saturday.

The goal is to prepare recruits for official tryouts to become seasonal lifeguards in January 2018.

“Our lifeguards performed over 7,800 rescues just this year, so we always have to be physically and mentally ready to respond to an emergency at any time,” said SDFD Life Sergeant Michael Neal.

Both the practice and official tryouts require candidates to complete a 500-meter swim in under 10 minutes.

“For those who can meet the demands of the job and become a lifeguard, I guarantee they will never have a more rewarding or unique job experience.”

There’s over 40 miles of oceanfront and shoreline to patrol and an average of 17 million visitors to local beaches, according to the City of San Diego.

Those interested in trying out at the official January tryouts are strongly encouraged to attend the practice tryouts.

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