Scripps Ranch Softball Association's Equipment Stolen, Sheds Broken Into Unusually

A Scripps Ranch softball league said thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment was stolen late Monday night in an unusual manner.

The team has three sheds in Cypress Canyon Park to hold its equipment. All were broken into, said Heather Christman with the Scripps Ranch Softball Association.

“All the sheds were open,” Christman told NBC 7. “There was stuff laying around everywhere and there was a pitching machine outside the shed.”

The locks on the sheds weren’t broken, but rather the brackets, essentially the door handles, were sliced into to get inside.

Two brand new pitching machines and about six cases of softballs were among the items stolen.

Each pitching machine costs up to $1,500, said Christman. Each case of softballs costs around $500.

The softball association has roughly 300 players, ages six to 14, who rely on the sporting gear.

“It is incredibly sad that someone would come in and, basically, steal this stuff from the girls. It's not us, the adults, it's the children,” Christman said.

Because the locks didn’t deter the suspected thieves, Christman plans on setting up surveillance cameras.

“We'd like other leagues in the area to go through, look at your gear, get your storage boxes and make sure they're locked up,” Christman said.

The association’s fall season is almost over. The teams will resume in January.

This is the second time in three years the Scripps Ranch Softball Association’s sheds have been robbed.

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