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San Diego, You Might Hear More Loud Booms Thursday Night

About 100 Army members have been conducting military training around San Diego, an Army representative said

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Residents in central San Diego heard a resounding boom from U.S. Army training Tuesday night, and more are on the way, according to Lt. Col. Mike Burns, U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

The Army training will continue through Thursday night, Lt. Col. Burns said.

From Jan. 24 to Feb. 2, about 100 members of the Army have been "conducting coordinated, essential military training in designated places around San Diego," Lt. Col. Burns said.

The first and loudest boom came around 10:08 p.m. Tuesday night.

Around the same time, low-flying aircraft could be seen flying around the Serra Mesa area, including from NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 studios.

San Diego Police Department Lt. Adam Sharki confirmed the loud explosions heard across central San Diego took place near the now closed Fry's Electronics building in Serra Mesa.

The Army training consists of air and ground mobility operations and close-quarter combat training in realistic environments to better train soldiers, according to Lt. Col. Burns.

"Training off of a military installation offers more realism and greater training value," added Lt. Col. Burns.

"Safety precautions are in place to protect participants, along with planning considerations to minimize impact to the community," Lt. Col. Burns said.

Lt. Col. Burns added that the training was coordinated with appropriate officials.

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