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Rita's No Longer Serving Frozen Custard Due to Egg Shortage

Rita’s temporarily substitutes award-winning frozen custard with soft-serve ice cream due to an egg shortage.

All Rita’s locations have stopped offering the frozen custard because of the avian flu outbreak that is affecting the country’s egg-laying hens, making less eggs available nationwide.

Until the company has access to a sustainable supply of eggs, Rita's has announced they will be serving soft-serve ice cream in place of the custard.

The bird flu virus is a highly contagious virus that kills commercial poultry quickly once it gets into a barn and has wiped out millions of chickens on commercial farms.

“Our company is built on ‘ice, custard and happiness’ so we will transition back to our award-winning Frozen Custard as soon as the nationwide egg supply returns to a stable level,” the company said in an explanation about the substitution on their website.

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