San Diego Firefighters Beef Up Staffing Due To Increased Fire Danger

Mild Santa Ana conditions have firefighters on high alert this week.

Mild Santa Ana conditions have local firefighters on high alert this week.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) Battalion Chief John Fisher said large amounts of dry brush combined with hot, dry and windy weather are a dangerous mix.

"It takes very, very little to get the fuels that are out there, as dry as they are, to go up right now," Fisher said.

As a precaution, SDFD has increased staffing levels through Thursday, adding five off-road engines and two large water tenders. CalFire said it is already at peak staffing levels, but will evaluate the conditions each day to determine if more firefighters are needed.

The Department is also urging residents to take action to protect themselves, by developing - and practicing - an evacuation plan, putting together an emergency kit with food and supplies and creating defensible space around their homes.

"We simply can't get into homes that don't have defensible space in order to protect them. There's just too much heat and too much fuel buildup for us to be able to get in there," Fisher said.

San Diego Fire-Rescue has created an online guide, called "Ready, Set, Go" with additional tips to help you prepare. Click here to learn more.

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