San Diego Doctor Recommends Incentivizing Vaccines

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Long lines that once were at vaccination sites across the county are now significantly shorter and in some cases non-existent.

The pace of vaccination is falling not only locally but also nationally. Some doctors worry that if vaccine demand continues to fall reaching levels of herd immunity won't be achieved easily. 

In order to get over the wall of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, Dr. Paul Schalch, MD, Otolaryngologist, says we need more than educational campaigns. 

“Reminding people what life was before the virus and what it could be, I think that's the greatest incentive anyone could have,” said Shcalch.

Some places around the county are already putting that into play.

At Petco Park, people who can prove they have been vaccinated are allowed to sit in a special area, closer to the field, and where social distancing isn’t enforced. 

Expanded seating availability for vaccinated or COVID-19-negative fans is helping the Padres, and businesses near the ballpark, perform. NBC 7's Lauren Coronado has the story.

"We should emphasize the main reason why we want to get people to vaccinate; because we want to reach herd immunity," said Dr. Schalch. "Herd immunity means the economy opens up, we can go back to our regular routine, we can go to concerts, sports events, go to the movies without having to worry. Ultimately, that's everyone’s goal.”

Vaccines offering a shot at normalcy but without the majority of the population vaccinated that shot remains distant.

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