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San Diego Catholics Respond to Joe Biden's Call For Unity

For the First Time in More than 50 years, America has a Catholic President-Elect and Catholics Respond to His Call for Unity.

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Catholics gathered on the grounds of Mission Basilica San Diego Alcala for Sunday mass. On this rainy morning mass was held inside St. Francis Chapel rather than outdoors.

It’s one day after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are projected to have surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed to win the 2020 election. And President-Elect Joe Biden, a Catholic, spoke to the country about bringing a divided nation together.

Not since John Kennedy, more than 50 years ago, has there been a Catholic President-Elect in the U.S. Father Peter Escalante said of Joe Biden, “To hear him speak about the need for unity, was I think heartwarming for us all. I think we all want to move in that direction.”

Father Escalante adds he believes Biden will confront the COVID-19 pandemic. During mass it is apparent how the virus has changed the Catholic service. The number of parishioners allowed in the chapel has been reduced to 100 to allow for social distancing. All in attendance must wear a mask.

At mass with her daughter, Parishioner Kristina Navarra told NBC7 it brings her comfort that President-Elect Joe Biden is a practicing Catholic. But that is not the only reason she is comforted. “As a healthcare worker I am just so relieved that will have somebody who listens to scientists.” Navarra says she is looking to Joe Biden to get COVID-19 under control, noting the President-Elect is already putting together his coronavirus task force.

“A king’s heart is channeled water in the hand of the Lord, God directs it where he pleases.” Amy Faley reads the scripture from the Bible aloud. She feels the proverb has brought her peace, “From knowing that God is in control,” and she hopes it will help others who are hurting after this bitter election.

And there is Steve Rougas. He has attended mass at the Mission Basilica San Diego Alcala for many years. Rougas also hopes for unification, but adds even family members, who share common goals, don’t always agree on how those goals can be achieved. “I feel that’s what it is for a lot of the nation,” he says.

Wearing a large cross around his neck Paul Desrochers is optimistic about this new chapter in American politics sharing his faith, “I really hope that people will come together, and I’m praying for that. That we come together and work for the common good.”

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