San Diego Blood Bank Asking for Donations

SDBB says there is a donation shortage for all blood types in county hospitals

The San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) is facing a donation shortage and is asking any eligible individuals of all blood types to donate.

There has been a drop in donations, partly because of the Zika virus travel deferral, according to the SDBB.

Anyone who has traveled outside of the United States has to wait 28 days after returning to donate blood.

SDBB says there is only enough supply for some blood types to last three days and O negative is at less than a two-day supply.

“Our inventory is at dangerously low levels. We strongly encourage donors to visit any of our 6 donor centers or blood mobiles and donate blood today,” said Robert Baracz, Vice President of Marketing at the San Diego Blood Bank.

SDBB is the main supplier of blood to a majority of hospital in the San Diego county, according the press release.

To be eligible to donate, individuals must be at least 17 years of age, weigh at least 114 pounds and be in good health. 15 and 16 years old may donate if they have permission from their parents.

For more information, visit the SDBB website.

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