San Diego

Sailboat Crashes into USS Midway Museum

A 38-foot sailboat crashed into the USS Midway Museum in San Diego Bay on Sunday afternoon, police said.

The Sea Esta got caught in the netting on the bow of the Midway and the mast snapped off, San Diego Harbor Police Sgt. Scott Ferraioli said.

There were eight people on board the Sea Esta and none of them were injured in the accident, he said. No one on board the maritime museum was hurt either.

Craig Weiner, who was visiting the museum from Orange County, said it looked like the captain of the sailboat didn't have control the vessel when it crashed.

"I don't think he realized how tall his mast was, and he was too close to the boat and it was too late," he said. "More like the wind grabbed him and pulled it in."

All eight people stayed on board as the boat was towed away.

The Midway sustained minor damage to the metal netting and the support poles holding the netting in place, Ferraioli said.

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