Rescued Horses Nearly Ready for Adoption

More than a dozen horses rescued from a Jamul property will be up for adoption starting Tuesday.

County Animal Services took 10 horses after their owner relinquished them on Friday, but because it was getting too late and dark, officers had to return the next day to seize another four.

All of the rescued animals are underweight, officials say, and many have other medical problems, according to Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa.

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He said prospective adopters should know these horses will require extra feed and medical attention until they are restored back to health.

Earlier this month, a mare and a colt were seized from the same property when animal control officers found them in a “life-threatening situation,” they said.

The agency impounded 16 horses in all, including four stallions, two geldings and eight mares.

They are housed at the county’s Bonita animal care facility, and all are eating very well, DeSousa said.

Animal control officers are considering submitting this case to the District Attorney’s office for possible criminal charges against the owner.

DeSousa told NBC 7 horses sometimes become victims of neglect when people cannot afford the high cost of hay or as high a quality of feed as their animals require. Another big expense is veterinarians, who often must make house calls to care for livestock.

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