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Rep. Scott Peters Discusses Immigration, Border Wall With Constituents at Town Hall

More than 200 people attended the Town Hall, which took place at the Islamic Center of San Diego.

U.S. Representative Scott Peters (D-52) discussed immigration, the EPA and a path forward for Democrats in the Trump administration at his Town Hall with San Diegans on Monday.

More than 200 people attended the Town Hall, which took place at the Islamic Center of San Diego at 7050 Eckstrom Avenue in San Diego.

The Town Hall focused on some of the issues at the heart of some of his constituents, like immigration and the proposed border wall in light of President Donald J. Trump's election.

Peters told San Diegans that when it comes to our nation's immigration policy, a proposed border wall would not serve national security interests. 

Some Republicans did not agree with a strategy that would "waste 15 billion dollars" and upset diplomatic relations with "one of our closest allies," Peters said.  

"Making our national security apparatus a political operation that serves the presidential political operation, rather than our national security - that's definitely not Republican," Peters said.

Peters stressed talking to moderate Republicans in Congress, saying not all Republicans agreed with everything Trump says. 

He also discussed the travel ban, which temporarily suspended the country's refugee program and temporarily halted immigration from seven predominantly Muslim counties: Iran. Iraq, Somalia, Syrian, Sudan and Yemen.

"That's not who we are," Peters said while discussing the ban, saying people are scared to go to school, scared about what may happen at work and scared to leave the country without the guarantee that they would be able to get back in. 

He urged residents to get involved locally in government and set examples locally for the nation by taking care of "those who need us."

Peters also urged people to come out and vote during the midterm elections.

Peters' representatives told NBC 7 that he plans to host another town hall in March at a larger venue. 

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