From Troublemaking to Tuition

Forty inner-city students will be awarded  $3 million in scholarships to prestigious universities and colleges.

Reality Changers is an after-school mentoring program that helps disadvantaged youth in San Diego County become first-generation college students. 

"Through tutoring, academic support and financial assistance, low income students from 38 middle and high schools have turned their lives around to become college bound leaders in our community," states a news release from Reality Changers.
One of those students, Eduardo Corona, faced six years in prison three years ago but is now going to UC Riverside instead.

"I used to be a troublemaker basically," Corona said. "Once I found a program, it led me to the right path. and look at me four years later: I'm going to UC Riverside." 
San Diego Venture Partners, a group of professionals who contribute time, money and business expertise to help innovative nonprofits, chose to invest in Reality Changers. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also involved in funding the organization.

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