Pushing Back Bullies

San Diego teachers learn new techniques to protect students from bullies.

Toni Guinyard

There's a new push to stop local children from being bullied.

About 70 teachers and administrators are learning the latest ways to stop bullying.

At the San Diego County Office of  Education, they heard from two national experts who said ineffective techniques are still being used-- such as telling the victim and bully to simply "work it out." 

"Bullying affects everybody, " said Mara Madrigal Weiss with the S.D. County Office of Education. "It affects the target, it affects the agressors, and it affects the bystanders. If children don't feel safe, then children are not going to be learning." 

Problems caused by bullies are too big to ignore.

Weiss also says the idea that bullies have a low opinion of themselves-- is a myth. She says it's really the opposite-- the bully's self-esteem is often too high.

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